The Interviews Into The Future

I come from a family who owns Pharmacies. Since my family owns Pharmacies it built my interest into Pharmacy school to become a future Pharmacist. I only want what is best for the future of the Pharmacy and I ran a survey to see if Pharmacists will enjoy the new technology.

The survey questions

My parents have six Pharmacists working in their stores, so I sent the Pharmacists a survey link asking them if they think new technology and robots will benefit the Pharmacy business. I told the Pharmacists to really think about their answers because everyone has a different perception of technology. The Pharmacists began to ask questions like “which technology” and “is this technology trustworthy”. I told the Pharmacists how these robots have little to no errors and are very trustworthy.

The survey conclusion

After waiting for the Pharmacists to answer the Survey, they came to a great conclusion. The Pharmacists were all headed in the same direction, and they all came to the conclusion that new technology and robots will benefit the Pharmacy business.

Sami Pomper, Pharmacy Survey

I was very happy all the Pharmacists had the same responses. I then decided to dig a little bit deeper. I filled the Pharmacists in on the new inventions and asked them to decide on only one new invention they think should be used to benefit the Pharmacists next.

Pharmacists invention for the Pharmacy business

I gave the Pharmacists the day to decide on their new idea for the Pharmacy business. Honestly their invention blew me away and was something I never even thought of before. The manager Pharmacist we can name Dr.S for now came up with the idea of an automated Pharmacy machine.

This automated Pharmacy machine is a vending machine Pharmacist. The automated Pharmacy machine will work like a Pharmacy, it will dispense your medicine when you put your ID in the machine. The automated Pharmacy machine will only be in the areas where a Pharmacy will be out of reach. This means that the places where Pharmacies are very spread out and far will have their medicine close to them so they do not have to travel far for their prescription.

There are so many great ideas to look forward to for the future that are so exciting. New technology is a benefit to the Pharmacy business and with new ideas in the making, there will be little to no errors with more needed work getting completed.